A Methodology of Possession: On the Philosophy of Nick Land

As many of you will know, I’ve finally released my book on the philosophy of Nick Land, the links to purchase it can be found below (eBooks should be available very soon):

UK Paperback:






16 thoughts on “A Methodology of Possession: On the Philosophy of Nick Land

  1. Congratulations, can’t wait to get my grubby paws all over this. Big fan of everything you do.

    1. This is the same argument as stating that someone can’t use what modernity produces and still critique modernity. That which modernity produces isn’t beholden only to it, sure, it’s unfalsifiable in both directions, but being critical of modernity doesn’t mean doing literally the opposite and becoming some non-consumptive ascetic. I’m not anti-capitalist, anti-production or anti-consumption, and unfortunately, monopolies exist.

  2. Hi ! I’m interested by your book, I’m just wondering : are we supposed to already know Nick Land’s philosophy before reading it ? Thanks for your answer

    1. It would help, but it’s theory fiction, so would be a fun ride even if you didn’t.

  3. Why should I read your interpretation (every mug has a book out these days it seems) rather than read Nick Land directly and make up my own mind.

    1. No CA link. Makes the process of purchase more annoying. Rectifying this would be easy: add a link to Amashits dot ca. But I ordered this: because it looks interesting.

  4. I’ve been really enjoying your book; especially, your insights regarding what drives one to pursue philosophy academically and how often that yearning to go beyond daily life is dismissed by academy. Thank you it’s a brilliant piece of work.

  5. Really curious about reading your book, but amazon/brazil won’t let me buy the kindle version since my account is brazilian, can I paypal you and get the PDF file?

    Thanks a lot

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