Image-archive – Extrapolation.

The image-archive is meant as a memoir, or museum of sorts, in which that which is found to be somewhat dying, potentially in terms of technology, or media, it has been left thus the screen cap, or found-net-image is, in sorts, a memory of something that was; a thing or page or site that at some point someone thought about and worked on, energy went into this and it has been left, however unlike with consciousness the abandonment is guilt free. An entire virtual graveyard of abandoned ideas, stories, code, images. There is potential for them to be on ‘mainstream’ sites, however, this documentation is meant in a different context, in which the technology changes the context of said image via premature attempts and the tech self-consciously understanding the media via CC or auto-subs etc, thus there is a disconnect between the content and the host. With the Internet, there is not solely content and creator, but host, that which holds, yet is entirely at the mercy of the creator (unless of course they’re using some form of proprietary software), in which the creator forgets about the faithful host.

objet trouvé

Found objects, discarded objects, a challenge against the ‘traditional’ nature of ‘true’ art, to display a urinal, a hat-stand, a bicycle wheel; a ready-made. Unaltered everyday objects placed within a space, to place a found image within a virtual space, allow an image to be remembered in the nomadic sense of something more, an in-between, part of some journey, at some point, thus of importance. NOT MATERIALLY ALTERED. An image within the net is already altered…potentially, a crop, a context, a shop, a site, the image needs to be halted, cut and taken into its own space to be fully understood from every entry point.