Irreversible Amnesia

The Coming Amnesia – Geoff Manaugh

“The universe, in effect, will have disappeared over its own horizon, into a state of irreversible amnesia.”

“An accelerating universe,” we read, “wipes out traces of its own origins.”

“We may be living in the only epoch in the history of the universe when scientists can achieve an accurate understanding of the true nature of the universe.”

“…the somewhat existentially horrifying possibility that any intelligent creatures alive in that distant era will have no way to know what is happening to them, where things came from, even where they currently are (an empty space? a dream?), or why.”

That’s right. Future humankind may have absolutely no clue, where or when they are. The universe, in the very distant future will have stretched to the point where humankind can longer trace their place, or origin. At this point however, the technological and evolutionary progression of mankind if unknown, thus who knows where we’ll be. Hopefully in a technological singularity.