Escaping the Echo Part 4: Cautious Directions

I was luckily allowed to bear witness to the ‘in’ and as such I began to head out, once out I looked into what I was told, and told myself I never could, the opposition. Not just those who were wrong, but those who opinions were supposedly void of humanity and understanding, yet my questioning lead me to wonder “Why then, were so many people flocking to these horrible ideas?” It couldn’t be that there were simply that many ‘mean’ people, or that a certain side really were as self-centred as I’d been lead to believe. Not at all, there were sound arguments all around, everywhere I looked were fragments and pieces looking to be taken and reassembled.


Many who read Part 3 may have become worried that I simply subscribed to the neoreactionary opinions as quickly as I did with those of the left, not at all, one of the reasons that I brought up reactionary thought and that of The Dark Enlightenment, was the fact that they were the ones to take me completely outside of my previous prison, not like Chomsky, who only moves you to a cell with a view of the control room, which he himself occasionally delivers mail to. Of course with all this in mind, thought-prisons, possibility for escape etc. it is of course extremely difficult to know if what you are thinking is entirely you’re own thought and not part of some longer prior stage of indoctrination, this is the exact reason for the inclusion of TDE, because it took some values of mine which I truly believed, even when not connected to an ideology, were the right thing and unquestionable in their direction.


Now I am here, left alone, wandering and torn between becoming once more a potential sponge for programmed response, or a nomad, free of ideal, the latter is difficult, if not exhausting in its possibility. The point if there should be one, of these 4 posts was to address a journey into truly thinking as freely as possible, without help I would have been in the quick-sand forever, not struggling, not wanting help, but actually enjoying my stay…or at least telling myself I was enjoying it.


The path now is not direct as it was before, and this, to me, is perfection. If what lies ahead is a path completely linear without the smallest of curve, be worried, the path may have been set for you, the destination pre-planned by a malicious other, question the easiness. I cannot say much more. I shall, re-work, condense and come back to you.


A few notes of practicality, a list:


1. I do not subscribe, agree completely with the thought of The Dark Enlightenment, Neoreaction, Mencius Moldbug and most definitely not that of the Alt-right, I hope I have made this clear.


1.1. The reason I brought up The Dark Enlightenment and Neo/reactionary thought was because their writings helped set me free, that’s not to say I agreed with them, merely, they made some great points that can be utilized as tools.


2. A condensation of these posts would be: Think for yourself. Of course, rarely do people actually tell you how…I most certainly can’t, the point would be to say: I hope these posts show you how I got to a point where I now believe I’m thinking – at least 95%+ freely.


3. Ask questions in comments…





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