Zero Is Unforgiving

This would be the ‘zero’ of my Z/Acc primer. Social disarray, chaos, eschatology, the slow process of Hobbesian madness.

This will be a short post, but perhaps a poignant and important one for the history of this blog.

I am – largely – ‘done’ with Accelerationism, whatever that means. It takes a lot, and gives little back, even in its most rigorous forms it has little to show for its tendrillic efforts. This is not to say it does not still interest me. But it only interests me as studying an ideology/idealism interests me, at arms length in relation to that which would act as its primary competitor. If business dynamics – and a whole host of other things – are of paramount importance to Acceleration then that which could destroy, halt or end them should be a priority of perspective.

‘Zero is immense’ as young Land stated. Assimilated onto a level of reality far from the one Accelerationists exist within, that quote stands as pure eschatological meltdown with regard to man. I could take Acceleration more seriously if their inherent need for the cryptic didn’t consistently trip them up in terms of actually accelerating, but it does and consistently will. My writing here will, very swiftly, and as thoroughly as possible begin to sketch out the process of collapse – the one which Greer Et al speak of. There will be mentions of Acceleration within it, and coming in August will actually be my longest post on Accelerationism to date. But as personal preference, Zero has taken hold and one should try as hard as they might to not avoid or ignore the unavoidable. The history of decay is intertwined into all. Decay is death without the swiftness, it uproots the rot and slings it onto the anthro-shitheap. This will all be very fun and as cynical as possible, and yet, I wish to avoid silly collapse-culture scaremongering or romanticism.

The reality of the future is often nicer in certain ways, say, there’ll be enough packets of ketchup left to season the rat meat, but usually worse too.

From here.

“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is out inability to understand the exponential function.”

Accelerationists are not exempt from this, I was a little sick of pretending that they were. They fall into the same idiocy with regard to limit as many other political ideologies.

Limits come first.

This is going to be so fun.

8 thoughts on “Zero Is Unforgiving

  1. The one I have always used, partly from Al, partly from others who knew/worked with him, partly out of four decades of experience trying to get people to think about this stuff concretely:

    The most dangerous feature of humanity
    Is being unable to understand
    The exponential function
    Of a fixed rate of increase

    I find that, though inelegant, it reaches most listeners of at least average IQ.

    It parses into four parts:

    1. Getting listener’s attention with a meme of wide interest (humans/danger)

    2. Identifying the locus of the danger (as a matter of understanding–this appeals especially to those adhering to the secular religion of SJW/PC who think they understand more/better than others but can also sometimes reach the more conventionally religious)

    3. A term they get part of (“exponential”) but don’t really understand, ergo a blurp of confusion/annoyance/impatience

    4. A term that is simple and they can understand

    #4 brings them around to #2, opening the door to making them special for understanding. #3 produces energy to get to #4.

    Then the job is to give them simple quotidian examples of the rule of 70/72, and then the job is to get them to realize that a “doubling” isn’t just a doubling of some former number, but a doubling of everything ever prior to that. Very useful in talking about energy/food/population I’ve found.

    PS–I lost you then found you again. Happy-making.

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